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Château Grand Puy Ducasse, 5ieme GCC

Bordeaux > Pauillac - 62.00% Cabernet Sauvignon; 38.00% Merlot

Arnaud Ducasse purchased a small house along the Gironde estuary from Jacques de Ségur, Lord of Lafite, in the mid 17th century. He cannot have known that this would become the heart of a large estate that would stay in his family for nearly three centuries. The estate’s true “inventor” was Pierre Ducasse, a lawyer passionately interested in everything to do with wine. He bought land in the city of Pauillac and a part of the “bourdieu de Grand-Puy”, which spread out over three parishes (Pauillac, Saint Lambert and Saint Sauveur) and three feudal manors (Lafite, Latour and Beychevelle). Pierre Ducasse’s son built the current château on the site of his ancestors’ house in the early 19th century. This château is highly unusual in that it is located in the heart of Pauillac. Included in the famous 1855 classification, and benefiting from the rich diversity of some of the finest vineyard land in Pauillac, Grand-Puy Ducasse is one of the leading lights of this appellation. This great wine is made with the greatest of care and the most up-to-date technological methods.


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Château Grand Puy Ducasse
0.75L 2015 WC12 33.25 € 33.50 € 34.67 € bottles

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