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Château La Tour Carnet, 4ieme GCC

Bordeaux > Médoc - 50.00% Cabernet Sauvignon; 39.00% Merlot; 11.00% Cabernet Franc

Dating from the 12th century, the medieval style Château La Tour Carnet, surrounded by a moat, is the oldest of the Médoc chateaux. Eléonore, sister of Michel de Montaigne, was among the many illustrious owners of the estate in the 16th century. Bernard Magrez, its latest owner, devotes all his time to the estate, continuing with passion the work started by Eléonore de Montaigne. He has undertaken an amazing renovation of his vineyard, cellars and the château itself. Cutting, leaf thinning and green harvest reduce yields in order to maximize quality. Manual harvest in trays, rigorous sorting by hand, conveyance under gravity into large vinification casks, then into barrels for 18 to 20 months’ ageing – all contributes to the excellence of this top growth classified in 1855.

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Château La Tour Carnet


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Château La Tour Carnet
0.75L 2016 WC12 25.25 € 25.50 € 26.03 € bottles

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