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Château Lynch Moussas, 5ieme GCC

Bordeaux > Pauillac - 70.00% Cabernet Sauvignon; 30.00% Merlot

The name of Lynch-Moussas comes from a division of Count Lynch’s property into Lynch-Moussas and Lynch-Bages in the 19th century. Château Lynch-Moussas was purchased by the Castéja family in the early 1900s and inherited by Emile Castéja who then took charge of its management. Gravelly rises at Lynch Moussas account for the perfectly drained soil, ideal for producing quality wine. It is this special terroir that makes this estate, together with all the top wines of Pauillac, among the best wines in the world. Their roundness, color, bouquet, flavor and finesse are much sought after by connoisseurs everywhere. Only the choicest vats produced on the estate are sold under the name of Chateau Lynch-Mousses. This great growth wine is famous for its deep colour, elegant bouquet and delicious flavor. It graces some of the finest tables in the world.


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Château Lynch Moussas
0.75L 2016 WC12 35.95 € 36.50 € 37.15 € bottles

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