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Château Malescasse, Cru Bourgeois Supérieur

Bordeaux > Médoc - 55.00% Cabernet Sauvignon; 35.00% Merlot; 10.00% Cabernet Franc

Château Malescasse was built in 1824 and its wine has been well known since the 19th century. The property belonged to the Renouil family, whose efforts at making fine wine immediately launched their château into the prestigious category of Cru Bourgeois. This distinction is now more deserved than ever: in 1996, Malescasse was a semi finalist in the Cru Bourgeois Cup, a tasting competition where the best wines are tasted blind by professionals.
In 1992, the Alcatel Alsthom group purchased the estate and made major investments to give Malescasse all the means to make the most of its outstanding vineyard. The vines surround the château, on one of the finest gravelly rises between Margaux and Saint Julien, just a few hundred meters from the Gironde estuary. All the factors for producing great wine are to be found at Malescasse: a temperate climate regulated by the nearby estuary, a first class terroir, an excellent winemaking facility and the precious knowhow of a winemaking team headed by Georges Pauli (for no great wine can exist without the necessary intimacy between man and nature).

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Château Malescasse


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Château Malescasse
0.75L 2015 WC12 12.50 € 12.77 € 14.01 € bottles

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