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Château Talbot, 4ieme GCC

Bordeaux > Saint Julien - 66.00% Cabernet Sauvignon; 26.00% Merlot; 5.00% Petit Verdot; 3.00% Cabernet Franc

This impressive estate owes its name to Connétable Talbot, Commander in Chief of the English army and gouvernor of Guyenne, beaten by the French army at the famous Battle of Castillon in 1453. Château Talbot is in an ideal location a short distance from the Gironde estuary. The vines grow on fine gravelly rises, which alone are capable of producing the region’s great wines. Talbot is one of the most ancient estates in the Médoc. The château has fortunately passed from one competent manager to another over the centuries, and is fully worthy of its classification in 1855 as a great growth. The Cordier family has owned Talbot since the early 1900s. Several generations of the family have shown their deep understanding of the importance of quality. Traditional methods are used alongside the most modern ones. The interplay between man and nature, and an age old understanding of this outstanding terroir, combine to make wines that are different every year, but unfailingly well balanced and complex. Five hectares of the Talbot estate are given over to producing a dry, crisp, elegant, white wine, Le Caillou Blanc.

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Château Talbot


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Château Talbot
0.75L 2015 WC12 55.00 € 56.50 € 57.81 € bottles
Château Talbot
0.75L 2016 WC12 53.50 € 54.50 € 55.33 € bottles

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