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Château Troplong Mondot, GCC

Bordeaux > Saint Emilion - 80.00% Merlot; 10.00% Cabernet Franc; 10.00% Cabernet Sauvignon

The Mondot estate belonged to the Abbé de Sèze, who built the present château in 1754. Under the priest's careful supervision, the wine from Mondot became one of the most famous and sought after in Saint-Emilion. Robert Troplong entered the picture in 1850. He increased the vineyard's surface area, bringing it up to the current size of 30 hectares. Troplong was a Pair de France, famous jurist, connoisseur of art and literature, close friend of Théophile Gauthier and President of the French Senate from 1852 until his death in 1869. He brought Mondot up to its full wine producing potential. The 1868 edition of Cocks and Féret lists Mondot as the second best wine of Saint-Emilion. Robert Troplong's nephew, Edouard, inherited the château, and before selling it added the family name. Alexandre Valette, a wine merchant in Paris, acquired the château in the early 20th century. He already owned Château La France in Fronsac and acquired Château Pavie shortly thereafter. Today Christine and her husband Xavier Pariente have taken charge of the propriety.

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Chateau Troplong Mondot


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Château Troplong Mondot
0.75L 2014 WC12 RP 94 71.95 € 72.90 € 73.51 € bottles

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