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Domaines Ott

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Domaines Ott

In 1896 Marcel Ott, an Alsatian agricultural engineer with a great pioneering spirit, had the idea to build a large winery in the region of Cavalaire. It was only from 1912 at the Château de Selle, the Clos Mireille situated at the edge of the sea and later in Romassan Chateau, also in the Var region, the great adventure of the family unfurled after very long years of patience and hard effort! No matter which domain, it all comes down to taming its soil. But basic principles concerning cultivation are very strictly followed and are based on a deep respect for nature. This leads to the development of wines with exceptional qualities. From 1930 began the rosé "Coeur de Grain" to cross the international borders and these days the elegant and prestigious crus from the Ott-domains are present at the most famous tables around the world.
The range Ott is particularly known for its wines Chateau de Selle Rose "Coeur de Grain, Clos Mireille" Blanc de Blancs " and Château Romasson, a Bandol. But also "Les Domaniers”, coming from old vines, representing a price friendly yet high quality wines!

Clos Mireille is one of the very few and very rare cru’s in the Côtes de Provence. The property includes 53ha of which only 40 are planted with vineyards. The property is ideally located on a terrace of slate that dives down into the Mediterranean near Bregançon. The estate dates back to the 18th century and since 1936 has been owned by the Ott family. It is known as the birthplace of the best white wine from the region, containing mainly the Semillon grape variety, but also the Rolle grape variety.
This superb white wine has aromas of fresh apricot, wild flowers, honey and a hint of pepper. The long and balanced finish is supported by some oiliness and smoothness, with a return of the fruit on a silk canvas.
Any comparison, with any wine whatsoever, goes wrong. But that was something Montaigne already knew. This great wine the plump competes with the dryness and the fruit with the spices. It’s a marvel of an unlikely balance that also surprised with its resinous edges. The Mediterranean accent is well present in the maquis and notes of myrtle, and the dash of freshness reminiscent of a good Cassis. Can be drunk now but can easily be stored for five years.

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By Ott
0.75L 2020 CB6 12.15 € 13.35 € 15.66 € bottles
By Ott
1.50L 2020 CB3 26.00 € 28.60 € 33.72 € bottles
Château de Selle
0.38L 2020 CB12 11.95 € 13.15 € 15.50 € bottles
Château de Selle
0.75L 2020 CB6 21.60 € 23.80 € 28.06 € bottles
Château Romassan
0.75L 2017 WC6 38.35 € 42.20 € 49.55 € bottles
Clos Mireille
0.75L 2019 CB6 19.45 € 21.40 € 25.21 € bottles
Cuvée Etoile*
0.75L 2020 CB6 71.00 € 78.10 € 92.15 € bottles

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