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Young Charly proudly presents: Charly's Apero, a Belgian aperitif with an Italian edge.

"Once upon a time"... This is how many fairy tales, good jokes and also punishing stories begin... And that's how Charly's Apero found its origin! Last year William Mortelmans, owner of Young Charly, with 2 good friends, and a glass, got to chatting. On the popularity of apero sprits. A drink brought over from Italy and immensely popular on terraces. One reason for its popularity includes the recipe. Each owner gives it his own twist. More or less prosecco, or cava, sparkling water....

Together they determined that perhaps the aperitif drink itself could be more noble. A quest for perfection began. Today they proudly present to you their aperitif based on Italian rosé wine.

Basis for the Belgian Apero is a fine Italian rosé. A drink with a freshness, a basic acidity and fruitiness. This is diluted at Sterkstokers with herbs, bitter, as well as fruity ones like sweet orange and grapefruit. "It was an art to find the balance between sour, bitter and sweet. Nice to drink pure, tastier in your Apero. "

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